Ford Explorer All Weather Mats

Ford Explorer All Weather Mats – The Ford Explorer All Weather Mats are not like any mats that you have ever purchase before. For those of you who have any Ford cars, the mat is highly recommended for you. Regardless the type of cars that you have, this mat will suit your need. As you probably already know, the interior of Ford cars is designed with luxurious interior. Therefore, the mat is designed to meet this luxurious interior. Having the mat inside your car will not obstruct the luxurious theme. It will enhance it instead. Here are several reasons why you need to use this product for your Ford car.

ford explorer all weather mats

From the name of this product, you might already guess that it has specific ability to withstand the extreme temperature of the weather or your car interior. This ability is achieved due to the material used to manufacture it. The material is none other than the Thermoplastic Elastomer. This type of rubber is well known for two things. Aside from the ability to withstand extreme temperature, it is also famous due to its flexibility. During the cold temperature, it is able to maintain its flexibility. On the other hand, it does not easily dry and crack when the temperature is hot.

When it comes for car mats, most people concern about the odor released by it. As a famous car manufacturer, Ford is aware of this problem. Therefore, the mat does not include latex as the material. Cadmium, PVC, and Lead are not used either. As you probably know, those materials are not good for your environment. Therefore, you can say that Ford Explorer All Weather Mats are green product. The best part about it is the easy-cleaning feature. You can easily remove water, sand, dirt, and anything else from the mats. Anti-skid design is introduced to the design to prevent it from shifting from its position.

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