Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 1

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 1 – In order to help your kid learn how to type correctly, you might want to use the Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 1. Some of you may do not know about this product yet. The Dance Mat Typing is exclusive learning strategy developed by BBC. You can teach to your kids how to type in many ways. Incorporating this mat is surely the fun way to start it. The mat is user friendly. Since it is designed for kids, it is not only interactive, but also packed with attractive animation. The animation used is involving animal characters to engage the kids to learn more about it.


dance mat typing level 3 stage 1

The learning system uses plenty methods to attract kids to learn on how to type. Other than the interesting graphics, it also uses different sounds as well. The learning strategy itself is categorized into different stages. The total series of stages on this learning strategy is 12. Each stage is divided into several levels. The higher stages and levels are followed by it corresponding difficulty. The level 3 on stage 1 is considered as beginner part of the learning progress.

The use of this mat is relatively easy and straightforward. The kids will be narrated with the place where they should place their fingers. After that, the kids should press the key in correspond to the narration. It will help them to memorize where the place for each key is. This learning strategy might seem boring. That is where the animal characters come to play. They mat should be connected to a screen. Kids are able to see the same configuration of the keyboard on the screen as well. That makes the Dance Mat Typing Level 3 Stage 1 interactive tool that can help kids learn how to type. If they already able to type, it will improve their typing ability.

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